At HCB we provide re-activation and lapsed donor retention telefundraising services.
We understand that the relationship with the donor is the key to sustainable retention.
Our priority is making sure every call results in a positive donor experience. 

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Our Inbound Services

Our inbound programs are designed to create maximum success by ensuring donor satisfaction through IVR – Auto-Attendant, 24/7 Live answer service,  Toll free numbers, and local numbers for almost any area.

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Our Outbound Services

At HCB, our outbound programs are devoted solely to fundraising. To ensure maximum success, our skilled fundraisers are not only trained in sales but also in the subtle differences that exist in fundraising versus traditional tele-sales. We know that the most important aspect is creating a positive donor experience.

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Planned Giving

The Planned Giving call is not designed to solicit an immediate donation, but rather to set the stage for a future gift.  Relationship building and providing relevant information are the goals of the planned giving call.

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What our clients say

``The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has historically been uneasy about using telemarketing as a part of its fundraising programs due to any negative impact it might have on donors. With over 5 years of experience with HCB, we are very satisfied with the experience our donors receive. We partner with HCB to conduct calling programs that invite current cash donors to join our monthly donor program, upgrade their current monthly support, win back former monthly donors, and win back lapsing cash donors. With thousands of phone contacts made each year, our calling program has proven to be an important part of our annual fund budget.``- Nancy McInnis | Senior Manager, Direct Marketing | The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
“HCB’s comprehensive, innovative and ethical tele-fundraising programs have delivered fantastic results and their services have become an integral part in our overall development program.” - Alan Ludlow | Director, Development & Marketing | NATURE CANADA
“Just want to convey a big thanks to you and your callers for spending some time with us yesterday. We were very pleased with the visit. It was nice to see that you have such a great team there!”- Aruna Aysola| Manager, Planned Giving Marketing | PLAN CANADA
“We are pleased to be working with HCB on new and out of the box initiatives. Their conversational approach on the phones and custom tailored tele-fundraising programs have proven to be a valuable asset in our annual program and in building relationships with our supporters.”- Melissa Beauchamp | Manager, Donor Relations & Community Giving | MARKHAM STOUFFVILLE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION
“Prior to partnering with HCB, Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation did not utilize telemarketing as part of their fundraising strategy. We decided to give it a try and for more than four years, HCB has been successful at upgrading one-time and monthly donors and bringing lapsed donor back into the program. With regards to telemarketing, we have not heard any negative feedback from the community who receives the calls, except a few donors who called our offices to verify we had a telemarketing program in place. HCB’s staff is professional and courteous, and do not get paid commission, and therefore are never high pressure. I would recommend HCB if you are looking for a telemarketing partner, they have the experience and knowhow to complete the job.”- L. Mathiosv|Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation
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