Outbound Services

Monthly Sustainer Programs

At HCB, our outbound programs are devoted solely to fundraising. To ensure maximum success, our skilled fundraisers are not only trained in sales but also in the subtle differences that exist in fundraising versus traditional tele-sales. We know that the most important aspect is creating a positive donor experience.

We believe that in addition to this specialization, a key aspect of our success is that the dialogue of our agents is not tightly scripted. Instead, they are strongly supported by having all the information they need at their fingertips.


Maximizing the Return on your Investment…

At HCB we understand that the knowledge and skills of our agents can help forge that all important ongoing positive relationship crucial to a sustainer program. As non-commissioned agents the calling atmosphere is one of experience, compassion and integrity. And the result is a maximum return on investment for our clients.

Programs that Produce Results

HCB can help you bring your lapsed donors back to the active file. Our focus is in creating committed monthly donors that are notoriously contented, long-term supporters. At HCB we strive to make all donors life-long supporters.

Do you have a list of recent one-time givers you want to turn into monthly supporters? How about increasing donations from existing monthly donors? Skilled HCB fundraisers can help you increase the profit margin on every donor segment.

No matter how you acquire your donor, each one should be welcomed with a live welcome call. This single call is a welcome opportunity for you to answer donors’ questions and strengthen their commitment to your cause.

When it comes to ticket sales, HCB can help improve your results. Our skilled tele-fundraisers will help you increase the number of tickets sold or enhance any event with or without support advertising.

Online communities represent a massive untapped pool of potential donors. HCB can help you target the right audience, craft a compelling ask strategy and turn on-line petition signers and web activists into monthly supporters.

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