About Us


HCB is a growing, experienced organization that is ideal for the custom development of creative and unique fundraising programs. HCB’s mandate is to develop and maintain lasting donor relationships for fundraising organizations of all sizes. Custom programs are designed based on the needs of the client and campaign. These programs are designed with built-in reporting tools to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your programs. Each campaign has a personal campaign manager to work closely with the client to ensure a successful client relationship and experience.


As President and Founder of HCB, Michael Blakely’s vision is to turn traditional tele-fundraising into a more intimate, creative and donor focused process. Michael’s previous work in non-profit and telecommunications has provided him the background and experience necessary to create a boutique tele-fundraising company, with an emphasis on ensuring each program becomes a valuable part of its clients annual giving and planned giving programs. Michael’s innovation, in part, led to the launch of the Home Charity Box™ program in North America. This unique and effective donor acquisition and conversion program has proven to be an engaging and cost effective fundraising tool. Michael’s sales background and success in cold calling also led to the creation of TelCon™, a unique fundraiser training process exclusive to HCB. This process trains fundraisers to have conversations with supporters and move away from the traditional scripted phone contacts. Michael continues to develop innovative stewardship program while overseeing the day to day operations of the call center.