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Outbound Services


They are one of the most humanizing and human things we do. Conversations are where we experience the joy of being heard and being understood, it’s how we develop our language and learn to listen and it’s also where we develop the capacity for empathy. It’s also one of the most powerful tools we have, as humans, to influence those around us. The influencing power of a conversation is what makes the phones such a valuable tool in fundraising. From recruiting monthly donors from existing supporters to re-engaging lapsed donors; HCB can design a outbound phone strategy to maximize fundraising income while offering positive donor experiences.

MONTHLY CONVERSIONS: Convert your existing cash donors into committed monthly givers.

MONTHLY UPGRADES: Engage with your existing monthly donors to deepen their support.

RE-ACTIVATION: Renew and re-engage with former monthly and single gift donors.

WELCOME CALLS: Increase donor retention and renewal rates through live, personal, thank you calls or stewardship outreach programs.

ON-LINE LEAD CONVERSION: Turn on-line activists, action takers and petition signers into committed monthly givers.

EMERGENCY APPEALS: Engage with donors quickly to help with emergency needs.